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Who Covered Who?

So it took me awhile to update this one and here is why. I originally wrote about Glass Animals and had the post like 80% done but then I completely changed my mind and I haven’t had time to write the new one. Instead of writing about an album this time, I’m writing about my top 5 favorite covers. Glass Animals is soon to come, and I’m kind of thinking of posting about Catfish again because good god were they amazing. Anyways, on to the music.

All Along the Watchtower
Cover Artist: Dave Matthews Band
Original Artist: God Only Knows (Kidding, it’s Bob Dylan)

I remember one time I had a conversation with my best friends mom about Dave Matthews Band, and I remember her asking, “Do you know what drives me crazy about Dave Matthews Band?” I asked her what, and she told me that they cover “All Along the Watchtower” like it’s their own song. I guess some people are entitled to that opinion. I full-heartedly disagree, however.

I like this version because it throws in a little Hendrix, it throws in a little Dylan, and it mixes it all up with DMB. Over the years it’s become an up to twelve minute spectacle that builds into the best jam ever. And I really mean that. “Watchtower” as us DMB fans call it is possibly one of my favorite things to watch the band play. Hell, even Bob Dylan himself likes DMB’s version.

The Man Who Sold The World
Cover Artist: Nirvana
Original Artist: David Bowie

I’m just gonna get this out of the way, cause it’s something I’ll get a lot of hate for: I am all for David Bowie. Really I am. But Bowie’s version of this song is just weird.

“The Man Who Sold The World” is another one of those songs that is pretty famous for how many people have covered it. The song itself has a bit of an ambiguous meaning, but the lyrics are sort of about someone’s multiple personalities and finding oneself. It’s kind of a horror twist on a coming of age kind of deal. The reason I like Nirvana’s version better is because of what Kurt Cobain brings to it, and honestly the content is probably why the song was important enough to him to even bother covering it. Seriously, listen. It’ll put you in a dark mood though — don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Do I Wanna Know?
Cover Artist: MS MR
Original Artist: Arctic Monkeys

I love the Arctic Monkeys. I love MS MR (post about them to come soon). And I love this song. So naturally I love that MS MR covered this song, and I’m extremely jealous of Alexandra cause she got to see it live and I have to rely on YouTube. Oh well.

Why do I like this cover? Well besides the fact that it’s almost impossible to not have a major girl crush on Lizzy Plapinger, the duo manages to take the song, smooth it out, add a few things, stir in a little funk, and it still keeps to the original. Despite the fact that they’ve put their own spin on it, it’s got the same emotion with a slightly different tone. Basically, this is a perfect example of how covers should be done.

We Can’t Stop
Cover Artist: Bastille
Original Artist: Miley Cyrus

I know, Miley. Gross. Really can’t stand her (though she doesn’t irk me as much as she used to, surprisingly). Hot damn Bastille turned this song to gold though. I’m not even kidding when I say you can actually take this song somewhat seriously.

The cover starts with a sick bass, includes some great piano, a violin, a tad bit of guitar work, need I say more? And despite the overall serious tone Bastille brings to the song, Dan Smith makes fun of the cover a little by adding the line “only Dad can judge us” (instead of “only God judge us), and throwing a little bit of “Achy Breaky Heart” in just for kicks and grins. Because I’m posting this, you guys had better watch to the end because it’s hilarious.

Hold On We’re Going Home
Cover Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Original Artist: Drake

This totally makes the list because, despite the fact that I don’t really listen to or even like Drake, I’ve heard this song a million times and the Arctic Monkeys completely transform it. They take the song and give it a totally different vibe. It sounds like something that should be in a Target commercial and I mean that in a fantastic way (not even a hint of sarcasm, even though it totally sounds like it). They turn it into a funky almost dance number that sounds like it should’ve come out of another era, and Turner’s voice is completely magical as he serenades you with Drake’s words. I think this is my favorite version of this song. So you should listen.

I highly recommend listening to all of these. Until next time, keep listening!



Aaaaaand I’m back! It’s been what? A month? Maybe you can guess why I’ve been gone so long. I’ll give you a hint… I had no internet (again). Surprise surprise. If I had a nickel for how many posts I’ve missed/went to great lengths to post because of my bad internet juju, I’d probably have what, at least five dollars now? The point is, our landscapers sliced our internet cable in half twice, and my internet is finally restored. And for those of you with questions…

  • But Maddie, couldn’t you have posted at school using UT’s wifi? Yes. I could have. But I prefer to use my time on campus for school work.
  • Well why didn’t you just hook your computer up to your phone’s hotspot? Sorry, Netflix is more valuable. You have to make internet decisions when you have no internet.
  • Doesn’t your blog matter to you? Yes, it does, but I had the flu and I just really wasn’t feeling it.

I think I’ve covered all of my bases now. Believe it or not I’m actually not that busy and I really did have a post typed up and ready to publish. It was about a band called Moon Taxi, because I was supposed to see them in concert. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen because of the flu, and then posting about them just made me sad, so I’m going to write a completely new one and post it on Wednesday. Because I can. Because I have internet (assuming nothing happens before then). It’s going to be about a band called Catfish and the Bottlemen, so if you’d like to be ahead of the curve and give them a listen before then, feel free.

I have posted the song that this post was named for below. It’s by Green Day. Have a listen, it’s pretty good. Sorry for my absence, and I’ll see you Wednesday. Until then, you know what to do!

Yeah, It’s Awesome

So that’s the last time I try to set a large goal for myself. Lesson learned. Truth be told I’ve written like three drafts for this post, but I just wasn’t feeling any of them. But alas, it’s Friday, and I really have to kick it into gear.

A lot of great things musically have happened to me in the past week: I bought the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 1, I saw the Hobbit and coincidentally fell back in love with Howard Shore and Lord of the Rings, I saw Fleetwood Mac (and I cried because I was literally fangirlling so hard and it was amazing), and today I’m about to go see Justin Timberlake. Originally, the plan was to write about JT and Fleetwood Mac before last Wednesday to gear up for the concerts, but I had bought Awesome Mix and couldn’t get over that. Well, honestly I’m still a little obsessed so that’s what I’m going to write about. The other stuff can come later.

So as most of you know, music and movies go hand in hand. Star Wars wouldn’t be Star Wars without the Darth Vader theme, and James Bond wouldn’t be James Bond without the Bond theme. And that’s why Awesome Mix was so important. It characterizes the movie, the characters, and at the same time brought back some old favorites (or not so favorites). So, this might be excruciating for you, but I’m gonna get a kick out of it and I’m going to list every track and tell you just what makes it awesome. Don’t worry, I’m limiting myself on how much I’ll say here.

Album: Awesome Mix Vol. 1                                                                     Artist: Lots of em


1. Hooked On A Feeling — Blue Suede, 1974
Originally, this song came out in like 1969. Blue Suede actually remade the song and added the famous “Ooga chaka,” which, to this day, has been sampled to death. However, Peter Quill and the gang brought it back to life. I mean, that brass is what makes it, really.

2. Go All The Way — The Raspberries, 1972
This is one of those songs that falls into “absolutely ridiculous,” but it’s so seventies you can’t turn it off. I’m sure back in the day it was one of those pretty popular (read: overplayed) hits, but the music itself is a little 60s remnant, and Eric Carmen’s croons can’t help but make you want to dance.

3. Spirit In The Sky — Norman Greenbaum, 1969
This is one of those songs thats always been awesome. Rolling Stone even agrees, ranking it #333 on their list of 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. What makes it awesome? It’s a psychedelic gospel rock anthem written by a Jewish guy. I’m pretty sure it was inspired by gospel song he heard on TV, but who cares? Listen to that guitar riff and tell me this song isn’t cool.

4. Moonage Daydream — David Bowie, 1972
Space and rock n’ roll. I’ll admit, I’m a little partial to David Bowie, but I could rock to this song all day. It’s a little weird, its a little rock n’ roll, and its a little psychedelic. Plus its about an alien rocker (which admittedly is perfect for Guardians of the Galaxy). So sit back, and “freak out in a moonage daydream.”

5. Fooled Around and Fell In Love — Elvin Bishop, 1975
My parents hated this song in the 70s. I’ll admit, I can’t really blame them, because honestly Bishop must’ve been one cocky bastard and this song must’ve gotten annoying quick. But here, it’s the perfect love theme. And thus, it’s awesome.

6. I’m Not In Love — 10cc, 1975
Man, 75 was full of em, weren’t they? This guy’s almost as bad as Bishop, but his lyrics are worse. Still, 40 years later (my god, the 70s were 40 years ago), it’s endlessly amusing — though, the British chick in the middle kinda freaks me out. What’s that about, anyway?

7. I Want You Back — Jackson 5, 1973
Ah, back into the early 70s, with some good music. As my mom so keenly observed “This is when Michael Jackson was a black kid.” And he was adorable. I mean, what’s cuter than a 9 year old Michael Jackson singling a catchy pop tune? And even cuter was that part in the movie with little baby Groot… you guys know what I’m talking about.

8. Come And Get Your Love — Redbone, 1973
And this is it. My favorite on the entire album. This song is great, and I’m actually serious when I say that. Who cares if you can’t actually understand anything Lolly Vegas is singing? It’s still awesome, and it’s great driving music. I could dance to this anthem all day.

9. Cherry Bomb — The Runaways, 1974?
So Wikipedia says this song came out in the early 70s, but for some reason I was thinking 80s. Regardless, it made VH1’s Top 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs Of All Time. I mean, it was written by an all female rock group (that included Joan Jett), so I can see why it makes it. It seemed a little out of place in Guardians, but hey, I enjoyed it.

10. Escape (The Pina Colada Song) —Rupert Holmes, 1979
I always associate this song with Shrek, but it was equally appreciated here. I love this song, despite the ridiculousness of it. Why is it awesome? Two people are just meant to be together, and a pretty late 70s guitar riff. That’s why.

11. O-O-H Child — The Five Stairsteps, 1970
This song is so inspiring. It makes me wish I listened to more soul. It’s another favorite of Rolling Stone, ranked #402 on their 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The context it was used in the movie just makes it better here.

12. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough — Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, 1967
I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I was born in the wrong decade. It’s another one of those that everyone knows, and it’s another one of those that makes me wish I listened to more R&B/soul. It’s almost been covered to death, but the original is just. plain. awesome.

So there you have it, probably the most awesome mixtape ever made, and it knows it. I really appreciate this mixtape because of what it adds to not only the movie, but modern expectations for music today. With these hits revived, there’s not telling what could happen.

Seriously, go listen to this one. And look, follow this link, because Marvel is making it easy for you. You’re welcome.

Sometimes I Suck At Life

Well then. This is late, even by my standards. This is like so late I don’t even know how to explain myself. It’s not that I forgot! It’s just I kept being like “Maddie, go write your blog,” and then I’d get distracted with this really annoying thing called school work, and then the cycle would repeat and here we are. Well, here I am with Alexandra in Asheville getting ready to see Jimmy Eat World tomorrow. There you are sitting at your computer or smart phone reading this.

The point is, I was going to write about Jimmy Eat World but I didn’t feel comfortable enough with one straight album and Best Buy crapped out on me and didn’t have any JEW at all. So unfortunately, I have no post this week 😦 I wish I had something for you, and I’ll definitely be writing about Jimmy Eat World next week, but that’s all I’ve got now. I hope no one is too disappointed with me. Until then, keep listening to this playlist I have for you! I know, it’s getting old but just roll with it. It’s another one heavy on the 90s 🙂

  • Bliss — Muse
  • The Ocean Breathes Salty — Modest Mouse
  • Sex On Fire — Kings of Leon
  • Good Riddance — Green Day
  • Reptilia — The Strokes
  • Here It Goes Again — OK Go
  • The Original — Incubus
  • Inside Out — Eve 6
  • Everlong — The Foo
  • Name — The Goo Goo Dolls
  • Paper Planes — MIA
  • The Middle — Jimmy Eat World
  • I Believe In A Thing Called Love — The Darkness

Run Run Run

Ok, I’m really late. I actually thought about updating last night and then just sort of forgot because I was studying for a bio test. You see, if I want to keep updating my blog (which I do because I get some sort of enjoyment out of this) I actually have to get ahead on homework. Which I managed last week. And in the fact that I managed it I lulled myself into a false sense of security and got really behind again this week. So unfortunately, because I suck at life and I have a bio test today (I know, it’s Thursday, I’m sorry) you all get yet another list of really good music from me. But to make it up to you, I’ll actually make another playlist on youtube for you and post the link. Maybe not the second this goes up but definitely by tomorrow night. And with that, here’s what I run to at 7:00am.

  • Muscle Museum — Muse
  • The Hardest Button to Button — The White Stripes
  • Arlandria — The Foo Fighters
  • Easily — Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Oil And Water — Incubus
  • Citizen Erased — Muse
  • Frank Sinatra — Cake
  • I Believe In A Thing Called Love — The Darkness
  • Fell In Love With A Girl — The White Stripes
  • Imitation of Life — R.E.M.
  • Hero — The Foo Fighters
  • Around The World — Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • The World Has Turned And Left Me Here — Weezer
  • Orange Crush — R.E.M.
  • Pardon Me — Incubus
  • Zombie — The Cranberries

My runs at 7:00 aren’t very long 🙂 What do you exercise to? Until next week, keep listening!


When French Gets the Best of You…

So I got swamped with French homework this week, and I should have been more on top of it but I wasn’t and so it was all my fault. So unfortunately, you all just get another playlist this week. Jane, I promise it’s coming next week, even though I promised it this week.

I dedicate this one to my band director Michelle Clupper, because it more or less was inspired by The Beatles’ “Michelle.”


  • Michelle — The Beatles
  • New Kid In Town — The Eagles
  • I Feel Free — Cream
  • Handle With Care — The Traveling Wilburys
  • Octopus’s Garden — The Beatles
  • Eye In The Sky — The Alan Parson’s Project (great band, I’m not afraid to admit it)
  • Thunder Road — Bruce Springsteen
  • Hey You — Pink Floyd
  • End Of The Line — The Traveling Wilburys
  • Brothers In Arms — Dire Straits
  • The Man Who Sold The World — Nirvana (originally by Bowie)
  • Livin’ Thing — ELO
  • Fluorescent Adolescence — The Arctic Monkeys
  • Give Me Novocaine — Green Day
  • The Story In Your Eyes — The Moody Blues
  • Girl From The North Country — Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash

It’s a short one, but it’s what I’ve got and it’s full of some great ones that most of my readers probably haven’t heard before. Maybe I’ll even link this one to YouTube at some point in the future. Any additions? Thoughts? Comment below 🙂 Until next week, when I promise to finally write about the album I’ve been promising my friend Jane for two months, keep listening!

Sad Bastard Songs

I had a post written for this week. I made kind of a split decision Monday, and I wrote it Monday afternoon. But then I turned on the news. I’m writing this Tuesday night.

Really, the idea of this post was taken from longtime friend and fellow blogger Jarrod Nelson. You can find a link to some of his stuff if you scroll through my Twitter feed; the kid is pretty talented. This week, Jarrod had something to say, and when Jarrod has something to say, he says it. This week’s post (which he posted tonight, though his weekly date is also Wednesday), was entitled “Pagliacci.” I encourage you to go read it.

I usually avoid the bandwagon when it comes to news like this. When Michael Jackson died (talented musician though he was), everyone seemed to forget what a weirdo he was. Suddenly he was an angel. I don’t take part in that. But Robin Williams is different.

A lot of kids my age grew up with Robin Williams. He was Genie! I’d recognize that voice anywhere — I watched Aladdin that many times. Hook, Dead Poets Society, Mrs. Doubtfire, I could go on. His work meant a lot to a lot of people. And maybe, just maybe, that’s what kept some of the depression at bay for this long.

It doesn’t matter what you have in life. A big house, a lovely family, a career everyone envies. None of that matters when it comes to depression. Regardless of whether or not you’re living in a mansion or on the street, it hurts us the same. Depression doesn’t care who you are or what you do. Depression merely wants to keep you from living your life. Sadly, sometimes Depression prevails.

It’s a feeling a surprising amount of people struggle with. And a lot of the time, it’s people that seem to have it all together. It’s a lonely feeling. But you’re not alone.

This week, I want to share some of my “sad bastard” music. I’ve got a whole slew of songs I play for different situations, but these are the most important to me, and I hope you find the value in them too. Maybe, they’ll make you feel better too.

#41 – Dave Matthews Band

“#41” is at the top of my list because (while plenty of other DMB songs could make the cut) it’s my favorite song. And I can definitively say that. It’s not so much a song as a poem — a poem written by someone who’s been through a lot. But despite everything the speaker has been through, it’s optimistic. There’s hope. It’s a great reminder that “I’m only this far, and only tomorrow leads the way.” It’s the kind of song that makes you want to keep going, and every single line is beautiful. It makes you ask yourself “Why won’t you run into the rain and play, let the tears splash all over you?”

Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

Over the years, Fleetwood Mac has had some great hits. I guess the obvious choice for a Fleetwood Mac song would have been “Don’t Stop,” but this one seemed more appropriate. It’s quiet, and deals with exactly what you feel when you’re upset: loneliness and loss. It’s got a tinge of hope too, though. It’s the kind of music that comes from falling apart and yearning to get back together.

Shake It Out – Florence + The Machine

There is nothing quite like Florence Welch’s voice. It’s completely unique: haunting almost. There’s a dark twinge to the song but it’s the kind that sucks you in and makes you feel what she’s feeling. It’s another one of those songs sung from the perspective of someone who’s lost everything but reuses to give up.

Slide – The Goo Goo Dolls

I like to listen to “Slide” when I’m upset. It seems like a curious choice, but it’s another point of view. Instead of singing about loss, he’s singing to someone who’s lost. It’s a little reminder that someone’s out there for everyone.

Let Her Cry – Hootie & The Blowfish

I used to hate this song when I was little. I thought it was boring, or something of that nature. It honestly wasn’t until I was playing my “Summer Hits of the 90s” Pandora station that I found the beauty in it. It’s got a wonderful guitar part to complement the chorus. It’s not exactly a happy song, but for some reason I find it very comforting. It’s a reminder that it’s okay to cry.

Dig – Incubus

Quite honestly, when I’m in a mood I’m not someone to be around. This song is a little bit of a wake up call. “We all have sickness… We all have someone that digs at us.” “Dig” is a good reminder of the importance of friends. When you’re feeling down, remember that you always have each other — even “when everything else is gone.”

Be OK – Ingrid Michaelson

I listen to this song a lot. It’s a good song to listen to when you’re down (or having incessant road rage) because it’s not a sad song. It’s got a boppy beat that makes you want to sway along. It’s a song with a calming effect that shares the mantra we’ve all recited at some point in time — just be ok.

Ceilings – Local Natives

This is a song I believe I talked about on my Hummingbird post. It’s another quiet song that sort of reflects the mood. “Ceilings” is a song that surrounds you and creates the feeling of floating on a cloud. It’s the kind of song you close you’re eyes and just listen to as you listen to the lofty vocals of Kelcey Ayer and Taylor Rice.

Save Me – Muse

This is another song I’ve mentioned before (see my The 2nd Law post). It’s a song written and sung by the band’s bassist regarding his struggles with alcoholism. It’s another lofty song with a common plead and the song itself is a kind of therapy. It doesn’t fix the problem, but it makes it known.

Scar Tissue – Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Scar Tissue:” what an appropriate name. Anthony Kiedis (lead singer for RHCP) titled his memoir this. It’s an interesting song that seems like it could only come from someone who has suffered from depression. It expresses the feeling to share your feelings with those around you, but it grapples with the feeling that you can’t. Lines like “Scar tissue that I wish you saw/sarcastic mister know-it-all” capture the feeling quite well while John Frusciante serenades you with his guitar.

Jumper – Third Eye Blind

I always think about that scene in Yes Man when I hear this song. You know, the part where Jim Carrey singlehandedly talks a guy out of jumping out his window by simply singing this song. When I was little, I really liked this song. I knew all the words. I didn’t figure out why it was called “Jumper” until high school. “Jumper” is a good reminder that you can’t get hung up on the little stuff. There is a way to “put the past away.”

One Headlight – The Wallflowers

I chose to closeout my “sad bastard” playlist with this one because the meaning behind it isn’t exactly black and white. For some reason, I always associate it with Forrest Gump and I think it’s because of the line “well since she died easy of a broken heart disease, I listen through the cemetery trees.” They have nothing to do with each other, but this is another one of those songs that is less like a song to me. Unlike “#41,” which is actually a poem, this is a real song; it lacks the feel, however. It’s got resilience in it — or at least that’s what I hear.

Other Honorable Mentions:
The Way I Tend To Be – Frank Turner
Heavy Feet – Local Natives
Funny The Way It Is – Dave Matthews Band
Recovery – Frank Turner

I’ve posted a link to a YouTube playlist (that I made) with these songs. Listen if you wish; you don’t have to. I hand picked these songs because each and every one of them has some meaning to me, whether it be through the lyrics or simply the music. I’ve tried my best to sum up what each of these songs is about and why I feel the way I do about it, but sometimes I just don’t have words. I hope they impact others like they have me. Listen, and tell me what you think. And one more thing — keep listening.

Jarrod’s blog:


Deep Apologies

Before I start, I’d like to admit that I do in fact realize I’ve done like a whopping 2 albums this month. July has been a little crazy and I work literally all the time everyday. So, regretfully, I will admit that even though I had chosen an album for this week, I didn’t get to it between my travels to and from DC, work, and an unfortunate project I have to complete before Friday at noon. Projects do take precedence, however, and next week, I’ll be on top of my game.

Despite the fact that I like to keep my posts top secret before I post them (that’s a total lie, by the way), I will tell you that this week was supposed to be/next week will be an album by a band called White Arrows. I expect you all to google/YouTube this band in preparation for next week (just kidding).

In the meantime, here is yet another playlist 🙂 I call this one “90s Fantabulousness”

  • “Linger” — The Cranberries
  • “On A Plain” — Nirvana
  • “Santeria” — Sublime
  • “Hey Jealousy” – Gin Blossoms
  • “1979” — Smashing Pumpkins
  • “Closing Time” — Semisonic
  • “Every Morning” — Sugar Ray (no judgement, I love me some Sugar Ray)
  • “Sex And Candy” — Marcy Playground
  • “She’s So High” — Tal Bachman
  • “Let Her Cry” — Hootie & The Blowfish
  • “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” — Green Day
  • “How’s It Going To Be” — Third Eye Blind
  • “My Hero” — The Foo Fighters
  • “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” — Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
  • “Otherside” — Red Hot Chili Peppers

I hope that keeps you occupied! Any 90s hits you want to add? Leave a comment here, my Facebook page, or Twitter! As always, keep listening!


On The Road Again

Well this post is kind of last minute, and quite honestly, thought of in five minutes. I was thinking about doing The Neighbourhood’s I Love You, but I’m seeing them tomorrow and decided to save it for next week (so that I can post pictures). And since it’s my birthday, I didn’t really want to spend it writing a long post (as much as I love doing that) because I had other exciting activities planned.

So with that little intro, and with the tidbit of knowledge that I’ll be driving for four hours tomorrow, I give you the ultimate travel playlist (partly brought to you by my co-pilot Alexandra Gates). I’ll give you an update on how she does next week.

  • Midnight City — M83
  • A Little Help From My Friends — The Beatles
  • Breakers — Local Natives
  • Mr. Brightside — The Killers
  • Killer Queen — Queen
  • Chelsea Dagger — The Fratellis
  • Recovery — Frank Turner
  • She’s A Rebel — Green Day
  • Last Night — The Strokes
  • Santaria — Sublime
  • Shake It Out — Florence + The Machine
  • Sun Hands — Local Natives
  • Breakfast In America — Supertramp
  • West Coast — The Neighbourhood
  • When You Were Young — The Killers
  • Ants Marching — Dave Matthews Band
  • Fluorescent Adolescence — Arctic Monkeys
  • Dig — Incubus
  • Do I Wanna Know? — Arctic Monkeys
  • Salty Sweet — MS MR
  • Thriller — Michael Jackson
  • Girls — The 1975
  • Bennie And The Jets — Elton John
  • Longview — Green Day
  • Go With The Flow — Queens of the Stone Age

What’s your favorite travel music? Leave comments here, twitter, or Facebook. Until next week, keep listening!