Aaaaaand I’m back! It’s been what? A month? Maybe you can guess why I’ve been gone so long. I’ll give you a hint… I had no internet (again). Surprise surprise. If I had a nickel for how many posts I’ve missed/went to great lengths to post because of my bad internet juju, I’d probably have what, at least five dollars now? The point is, our landscapers sliced our internet cable in half twice, and my internet is finally restored. And for those of you with questions…

  • But Maddie, couldn’t you have posted at school using UT’s wifi? Yes. I could have. But I prefer to use my time on campus for school work.
  • Well why didn’t you just hook your computer up to your phone’s hotspot? Sorry, Netflix is more valuable. You have to make internet decisions when you have no internet.
  • Doesn’t your blog matter to you? Yes, it does, but I had the flu and I just really wasn’t feeling it.

I think I’ve covered all of my bases now. Believe it or not I’m actually not that busy and I really did have a post typed up and ready to publish. It was about a band called Moon Taxi, because I was supposed to see them in concert. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen because of the flu, and then posting about them just made me sad, so I’m going to write a completely new one and post it on Wednesday. Because I can. Because I have internet (assuming nothing happens before then). It’s going to be about a band called Catfish and the Bottlemen, so if you’d like to be ahead of the curve and give them a listen before then, feel free.

I have posted the song that this post was named for below. It’s by Green Day. Have a listen, it’s pretty good. Sorry for my absence, and I’ll see you Wednesday. Until then, you know what to do!


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