Exams Exams Exams

So, I didn’t update last week. And well, I’m not updating this week either. But I can explain myself! You see, I have a lot of things due December 2nd. And a lot of these things are things I haven’t even started yet, because c’mon. What’s college without a little bit (whole semester long) procrastination? I’m going to a concert on Friday, and I’ll be seeing The 1975. I’ve had a whole post about them pretty much written in my head all week, but being in my head is not the same as being on the internet, and quite frankly putting it on the internet takes far too much work. So: next week, December 3rd, I promise to write about the 1975. And after that, on December 10th, I will write about some more JT, and after that, on December 17th (the day I see Fleetwood Mac), I will write about Fleetwood Mac. So that’s what I have in store for you, and I’m sorry these next two weeks don’t work out. Until then, listen to the song “Last Day of Magic” by a band called The Kills. Until December 3rd, keep listening!

There. I made it easy for you. You’re welcome.


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