Picking the Perfect Concert Buddy

So I have a bio test tomorrow and didn’t pick an album for this week, so instead I’m going to help you out here. This week’s post is on finding that special someone. You know who I’m talking about: the person you name your official “concert buddy.”

rock concert

Now, your concert buddy can’t be just anyone; there are lots of characteristics you have to consider before you just go to a concert with someone. Here’s my official checklist:

1. Do they like the same music as you?

So, this one may seem a little obvious, but you’d be surprised. Just because you share a love of one band does not mean that you have the same music tastes. You have to be careful; agreeing to go to a concert with someone could find you on a two hour drive with nothing but this person you thought was your friend and a ton of music that you can’t stand.

2. Are you on the same page with travel arrangements?

So if you really like to go to concerts, chances are you’ve had at least a two hour drive ahead of you before a great show. I mean I’ve met people who’ve driven upwards of seven or eight hours to see their favorite group, and this travel thing is where your CB is really important. If you can’t agree on how to get there, who’s driving, and where you’re staying, then your CB isn’t really your CB and you need a new one. My CB helps pay for gas because I always drive, so she’s probably better than yours.

3. Copiloting skills. These are important.

Everyone knows that on the way to the concert you need two things: navigation, and appropriate music to get you super hype for the awesome time you’re about to have. Take your potential CB on a test run to make sure that not only can they read a GPS and give you appropriate warning to all directions (which my CB does very well cause we’ve done this so often), but also plays appropriate music. These skills are especially important on the drive back home, because let’s face it, PCD sets in fast and you don’t want to be too depressed on your drive back from what will forever go down as the greatest night of your life. My CB even brings healthy and delicious vegan snacks on our trips, so (again) she’s also probably a better copilot than yours.

4. Is he/she a fun person? How fun? Too fun?

Funness in a concert buddy is important. For example, I like to dance. So does my CB. This works out well because not all people like to dance (which is stupid) and by dancing together we both look like idiots together. An appropriate CB will have the same funness level as you. However, you don’t want a CB who is beyond your funness level because you will feel unfun and they will feel too fun and both of you will be sad. This conversation is a very important pre-concert conversation.

5. Is he/she determined? A complainer? Too hard core?

General admission. Both amazing and completely terrible at the same time. With a general admission ticket, you either show up on time and end up in the back or get down to business and end up in the front. Some people don’t mind being in the back during general admission. If you are not one of these people, you’re CB shouldn’t be one. You don’t want to make someone wait in line who doesn’t want to wait because their (insert unflattering word for complaints of your choice) will bring you down and they’ll be miserable. On the flip side, your CB shouldn’t be anyone more hard core than you. If you don’t want to wait from 5am to 7pm, then your CB can’t be someone who does because both of you will be disappointed. My concert buddy and I tend to be on the same page about this one. Depending on the hot/cold levels of outside, 4pm seems to be our time to shine and stand in line. And yes, we did stand in the rain one time.

6. Is this person generally friendly?

Friendliness is very important in a concert buddy, because (especially in general admission) you tend to make other friends at concerts. If your CB is no chill, the people around you that are essential to the “let’s make it to the front” alliance will be no chill, and you’ll get shut down and end up pushed to the back.


As I said before, that “special someone” can’t just be any someone. Concert buddies are very important, so choose carefully when picking the perfect concert buddy.

Already have a concert buddy? Share your favorite concert buddy stories here, Facebook, or Twitter!

As always, keep listening!! (And going to concerts)


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