URL Change

So let me just say, things got complicated. I HAVE CHANGED MY URL. As of right now, this means that if you click the “HOME” tab on the top of my page, it will take you to the wrong page (at least for me) and I’m trying to figure out what that is about. I have fixed it so that it will redirect you to the correct site.

 yourbrothersmusic.wordpress.com  will link to THIS site, as that last one does not work any longer. The link is now youroldersistersmusic.wordpress.com!

So we’ll see how this goes. If anyone has any trouble finding me, comment here, Facebook, or Twitter, and tell your friends! But I guess if you’re commenting you already found me so that was kind of redundant.

Anywho, my next album is gonna be pretty sweet, so tune in on Wednesday! In addition, check out this link here, as it might explain a few things if you aren’t up to speed: www.yourolderbrother.com (Your Older Brother’s Music Blog)


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