On The Road Again

Well this post is kind of last minute, and quite honestly, thought of in five minutes. I was thinking about doing The Neighbourhood’s I Love You, but I’m seeing them tomorrow and decided to save it for next week (so that I can post pictures). And since it’s my birthday, I didn’t really want to spend it writing a long post (as much as I love doing that) because I had other exciting activities planned.

So with that little intro, and with the tidbit of knowledge that I’ll be driving for four hours tomorrow, I give you the ultimate travel playlist (partly brought to you by my co-pilot Alexandra Gates). I’ll give you an update on how she does next week.

  • Midnight City — M83
  • A Little Help From My Friends — The Beatles
  • Breakers — Local Natives
  • Mr. Brightside — The Killers
  • Killer Queen — Queen
  • Chelsea Dagger — The Fratellis
  • Recovery — Frank Turner
  • She’s A Rebel — Green Day
  • Last Night — The Strokes
  • Santaria — Sublime
  • Shake It Out — Florence + The Machine
  • Sun Hands — Local Natives
  • Breakfast In America — Supertramp
  • West Coast — The Neighbourhood
  • When You Were Young — The Killers
  • Ants Marching — Dave Matthews Band
  • Fluorescent Adolescence — Arctic Monkeys
  • Dig — Incubus
  • Do I Wanna Know? — Arctic Monkeys
  • Salty Sweet — MS MR
  • Thriller — Michael Jackson
  • Girls — The 1975
  • Bennie And The Jets — Elton John
  • Longview — Green Day
  • Go With The Flow — Queens of the Stone Age

What’s your favorite travel music? Leave comments here, twitter, or Facebook. Until next week, keep listening!



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