My Brother’s Secret Stash

Well internet, here I go. I’m going to try out this blog thing – and hopefully I won’t just leave this one in the dust. Here, I plan to delve into my brother’s music stash (even though I don’t actually have a brother – more on that later) and cover a multitude of genres. Every week I will listen to a different album and write about it, right here, every Wednesday. Maybe you’ll even stick around for my journey through countless artists and their work. As I don’t proclaim my own opinions to be the end all be all of the music industry, I would love for my readers to leave comments! Discussion is more than welcome; obviously I like discussing music if I’m blogging about it. I’m always open to suggestions!

So much music, so little time. My first post is Wednesday. See you then?

*Also, please ignore any and all changes to the page the next few days. I’m playing around with my format to see what I like best 🙂



8 thoughts on “My Brother’s Secret Stash

  1. Sister angle it is! I’ll make the changes this weekend. And I actually don’t have a post like that, to be honest. I sorta thought about it but just never got around to writing it. Also, if you wouldn’t mind writing something I would love to feature you on my blog too. Can I post a link to yours in the sidebar?


  2. I don’t know about better, just different. 🙂 Maybe you could work the sister angle in the blog name?

    Pretty funny about your brother-in-law! I…only know a few Maddies, no relations, though. 🙂

    Would love to post your “origin story” – how your sisters influenced your music taste, but I’m sure you want to post that here too. I only skimmed, didn’t see a post like that.


  3. Well, you’re probably a better writer than I am, though I’d love to do a collab! If you’d like me to change it I can; you were there first after all 🙂

    And to add to the irony, my brother-in-law’s name is Sam!!


  4. I know you didn’t, it was just funny to see that someone else had the same idea! And I realized that my comment above probably came off pretty snide, which I didn’t mean for it to at all. Although I wonder if it might make sense for you to change your blog’s name, to avoid confusion?

    Funny thing, also – I have an older sister, no brothers! 😀

    Looking forward to reading through what you have here – maybe you could write a guest post for my blog, too!


  5. Wow, that’s awkward. Great minds think alike? I honestly had no idea — I didn’t mean to rip you off!!


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